“…this work absolutely is an inspiration, not just to those who want to open their own restaurant, but also to anyone struggling to make their dream come true. It’s a remarkable little movie…”
Ain't It Cool News
“Spinning Plates” is a foodie phantasmagoria and something more. ...an involving look at personal dramas that go well beyond the kitchen.”
Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times
 "Sneakily stirring documentary opens up feelings you would never have expected."
Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal
"As part of the food media, I tend to focus on the Alinea's of the world. I buzz about the buzzed about restaurants. What am I overlooking? As this film shows, a lot, nearly everything. The movie changed my perspective and, I think, it will change yours and not just about restaurants but about the society in which we live."
"...In the warm and sentimental world of Spinning Plates, all three of these [restaurants], and the people who give everything to keep them going, are proof that a good kitchen, plain or fancy, runs on love."
Trey Graham, NPR
"Outstanding documentary about three very different American restaurants engages on many levels, especially because of the intimate focus on the people and families behind these operations and their personal challenges. There’s much more than food and restaurants on this menu."
Film Journal International
"Foodies are almost certain to be nourished by “Spinning Plates,” a surprisingly personal and moving documentary about three very different types of restaurants — including Alinea, Chicago’s world-class standard-bearer of molecular gastronomy."
Chicago Sun-Times
"In his feature-film debut, director Joseph Levy shines…"
New York Post
“Spinning Plates enjoyably profiles a disparate trio of U.S. eateries ranging from the loftiest emporium of gastronomical innovation to the humblest mom-and-pop operation."
"Splendid and engrossing ... a love letter to that singular intersection of artistic innovation, cultural legacy, community pride, and family-sustaining (or -straining) commerce known as the restaurant."
The Village Voice
"…Spinning Plates is out to prove that no matter how fancy or bare bones a kitchen is, running a restaurant takes a special kind of family."
Entertainment Weekly
“Delicious… The food is lovingly photographed, and the human stories are engrossing and unpredictable!"
Stephen Farber, President, Los Angeles Film Critics Association
“Six food films at the Hawaii International Film Festival 2013…If you have time for only one in your busy schedule, make it Spinning Plates."
Honolulu Magazine

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